Outdoor expat

Well eat your heart out Eddie the Eagle, here comes Expatmammy the Great tit! Today I went cross country skiing, the bubs were put down for a wee nap in the care of my mates hubs, thermals were put on *sexy I know* and off we went. Having only ever skied once before pre LPV it had been quite sometime and being afraid of……well everything I donned my ski’s and off we went. I got off to a very promising start, that was until I took my eyes off the track to look at some Finnish kids who obviously have olympic status. This brief moment caused me to end up face down in the snow with my arse smiling up to heaven, ski’s akimbo. This being the only fall I think I did very well for a first timer, I skied a total of about 4km. It was exhilarating however now I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse, tomorrow I will pay for being “sporty”, I think I have a long way to go before I reach my Olympic status.



7 thoughts on “Outdoor expat

  1. Living Life as an Expat Parent says:

    I’ve only done downhill skiing once and it was on ice. It was so difficult! Glad you could get out and have a nice time.

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