Why I love you Wednesday

So why do I love you???

Well……….Your the logic to my complete and utter crazy, there’s something in your voice that makes me feel calm and secure, when you tell me don’t worry, I don’t!!

You have finally got used to the fact that I AM funnier than you, well done, acceptance is half the battle!!

When I shout at you for breathing too loud at night you don’t shout back you just roll over and do as your told

You’re an amazing daddy, this show when your miles away from wee man and he’s still taking about you, talking about aeroplanes and all the other things you’ve taught him.

I love the fact you get fed up when wee man breaks your mega blocks models!! “No don’t break my spaceship”

You do everything in your power to keep us safe & well, we know how hard you work for us for this we love you

You put up with my shit issues, when thousands of others would have bolted leaving a man shaped hole

You gave me a son, who is the most amazing wee man in the world, no matter what disagreements we may have we always agree on that he’s perfect and how much we love.

I love that you came to EVERY antenatal appointment & every injection for LPV no matter how busy you were

I love you Expatdaddy

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3 thoughts on “Why I love you Wednesday

  1. Dad OBrien says:

    That is just lovely Trace,its nice to tell people what you think & feel especially yer hubby you & Lisa are very lucky girls.xxx

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