The grinch who stole water

The below photo is what Expatdaddy took of us taking off for our trip to Finland. When waiting to go through hell security, I was asked if LPV was travelling alone or with me????? No I am not making it input was a serious question, funny. However we almost did make the bloody flight due to a witch on a power trip security, I was under the impression that infants food/drinks were allowed as long as you tried them. Well this wasn’t the case yesterday, when they took away LPV’s water. Angrier than I’d ever been I argued the toss and lost. To add insult to injury, she then made me take off my cap, which was hiding a hair monstrosity. I walked through the beeper, it went off it went off! Takes off belt, goes off again, takes off boots, goes off again and I’m searched.
Thank goodness LPV was an angel and slept the whole way to Helsinki, where we were met by a happy smiley face, it’s good to be with my buddy again, there’s just a few faces missing.



One thought on “The grinch who stole water

  1. slightlysuburbandad says:

    Meant to comment on this yesterday. I commuted by air from Gatwick to Dublin every week for 3 months in my previous job and while Dublin was fine Gatwick on a Monday morning is not place to be if Security are in a bad mood (which they will be). Once the queue snaked 3 times round the terminal because EVERYONE (toddlers, old ladies who couldn’t bend over) had to take their shoes off. Hope you’re having a good time now. Oh – and “witch on a power trip” made me laugh for most of yesterday!

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