Fragile kids & Cats

I love watching LPV sleep, he looks like an angel, he is an angel most of the time. He’s growing up at a rate of knots I know that in a couple of weeks I be sending him off to university *well slight exaggeration*. I forget when he charging around making car & aeroplane noises how young, vulnerable and fragile he still is.

We staying with a friend at the moment who has a cat *with a broken hip* EPD & I aren’t big fans of cats unless they’re in a casserole we’re more dog lovers. So needless to say LPV hasn’t spent an awful lot of time around cats. However he was able to find the broken hip straight away and give him a good pat straight on it, which then caused said cat to jump up meowing scractching LPV on his hand. LPV burst into tears but still won’t leave the fecking animal alone. Trying to give him juice and stick alphabet magnets to him. LPV is quite concerned for said cat, even making sure that the cats food is “up to standard” by trying it for himself, yes I am confident now that LPV could not only partake in the whiskers challenge but win it by a landslide!!!

Today LPV has more war wounds from life, when he tripped and fell on to his police car, sporting cuts and carpet burns he’s gone to sleep feeling very sorry himself. I hate it when he hurts himself a wee bit of me thinks ah I should have been watching him but apart from having eyes up your arse you can’t watch them all the time. Two things for sure is that, we’ll never get a cat & EPD will never let me take LPV on holiday alone again 😉


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