Dream school

Last night I found a programme whilst trawling through our crappy cable TV, it was called Jamie’s Dream School I’m really not sure how old the series is, unfortunately that’s part of expat life you miss out on all the TV from. Although we do get BBC 1 and of late they’ve put on some good shizzle, with Sherlock and Prisoners wives. However it a blessing in disguise as then I don’t have to put with things like X Factor and Strictly come skating  or whatever it’s called.

Anyway getting back to this school programme it’s got my knickers in a knot really, it’s made me nervous about sending LPV to school, as he’ll probably be going to school with today’s neanderthal generations, kids. I don’t want him to go to school with a bunch a kids whose parents don’t care therefore they don’t care about their education. I would love to go back to school now, knowing the information I have  now, knowing what I grew up to be and how my life turned out. I certainly wouldn’t let my self be intimidated now by the kids that intimidated me back then, I wouldn’t have laughed when they picked on people, being secretly relieved it wasn’t me they were picking on. I wouldn’t have cared what kind of runners or jumpers I had, cos lets face it when you become parents all your money goes on the kids and we ALL end up wearing PRIMARK stuff anyway, I only where my Jean Paul Gautier on special occasions *looks at the label closely, shit it’s Jake Pole Gautier, damn you genuine fake!!!

I suppose what I am getting at is that I don’t want LPV to go to a school full of gobshites challenging children but then nor do I want him to go to a school with children with poles up theirs arses & silver spoons in theirs mouths  who are over privileged. My dream school for LPV would be a mixture of kids as it would be boring if everyone was good, disruptive children wouldn’t hinder others education, my friends Max and Carolina would be 2 of his teachers, why? cos I know they love their jobs. The school would have the best of everything, teachers, equipment an ice cream man at lunch time that gave you a blob of ice cream on your ice lolly *this last one should be the back bone of all education* Dream on sista!!!

For now I’ll just tackle settling him to nursery and put it to the back of my mind, only for a little while as apparently foetus’ are being registered for schools here. Well  I think they is such a thing as over preparation!!


One thought on “Dream school

  1. bluebirdsunshine says:

    The school decision is a scary one isn’t it. Lots of friends have assured me though that there are great teachers at supposed ‘bad’ schools and vice versa, and same goes for the children so I’m trying not to expend too much stress on the decision. NB, ‘trying’ 😉

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