Yeah you know that feeling don’t you, yes you don’t hide away, I’ve seen you. You’ve felt everyday since you read the window on the pregnancy test. No pregnancy, baby or parenting book tells you about the guilt, they don’t remove it along with the placenta or encourage you to plant it or eat it!!  It’s there and I’m guessing it stays with you for the rest of your days. Talking to a couple of Mammies at playgroup today we got on to this subject of GUILT, so what do you do. Put LPV down for a nap, if I have a wee sit down I feel guilty for not getting things done while LPV is sleeping, there’s ALWAYS stuff to be done. If he’s awake and I haven’t done jobs, I feel guilty about doing jobs while he’s awake. If we stay in for a day, I feel bad that I haven’t taken him out, if I take him out and we’re out all day, I feel guilty that he’s not had time at home. So on and so forth……….. I not going to write a long-winded post about the guilt. mostly because I feel guilty for blogging when I should be down stairs making shepherds pie for dinner.LOL what can you do??

4 thoughts on “Guilty

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    Just put this comment on your post at LAB, but wanted to slap it right on your actual blog tooooooo – Oh I hear ya!! And it doesn’t just stop at guilt over parenting, it also extends to guilt for not giving your other half enough attention, not catching up with friends enough, not doing all the chores you need to do or think you do… !! x

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