One day

That’s right , One day, Come April I will have one day a week to drink wine & run round the house naked myself, when I got the phone call yesterday that LPV had been excepted into Nursery I was overwhelmed by how pleased I was, don’t get me wrong I’m sure closer to the date the guilt will take over and I’ll feel like the worlds worse Mammy. I’m already having dreams that I send him and he chokes *must not eat cheese before bed*. I thought it would a good opportunity to have my dutch lessons but as Witchy Dutch teacher has QUIT on us after ONE LESSON, I just knew she was going to be a b**ch. I not going to have my dutch lesson on my day off as it will ruin it!!

Yesterday I walked to friend who’s having a wee bit of a rough time of it, they’ve has a lot of sickness since they arrived here, so I went baring flowers and Chunky Monkey to cheer her up. It’s so hard moving around but I do feel the first time you move is a lot worse, I’m kind of used to not having family around I did it without them for 3 years previous but if it’s not what your used to it can make you down/stress which then leaves you free to pick up every dutch germ going. It will get easier sweet Pea!! Although I not a good example (absolutely loony tune) just look at me I did it a 2nd time and survived.

For me life is settling more, well if you can call visitors this weekend, a week in Finland, a Wedding in UK in March,then 2 more sets of visitors in April settling?? then yes it settling. It is mad but that’s our life, that’s what LPV is used too, I do get concerned that sometimes it’s the craziness that makes him anxious about being separate from us but I’m sure it’s just a phase. I got myself a window cleaner *not that it means a great deal to my life, but thought I’d share*, I’m starting to know what they’re getting at the supermarket when then speak dutch to me, it’s usually am collecting muppet vouchers, bonus points or do I want a receipt? I’m still plucking up the courage to attend Zumba in dutch, I have no rhythm at the best of times let alone in dutch. This weekend I looking forward to being a tourist and being led astray by going to the “Sex museum” I’m looking forward to exploring my new town.

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