Toddler Twilight Saga

Well it’s happened, my son is a Vampire!! Today we went to a birthday party in Amsterdam, he was excited, he got to on the trains and trams. He was brilliant when we got there, he went off and played and wasn’t stuck to my hip the whole time, he had a complete blast. The afternoon was going so well a really lovely family afternoon, I had introduced expatdaddy to a few of my drinking buddies friends from Amsterdam Mama’s, the cake had been cut (which LPV refused to sit down for) we were just sat with a glass of wine *my kind of party* when it happened. He bit another child and drew blood, my heart just sank, we thought he was going to give the child a kiss as he’d just been kissing and sharing cake with a wee little girl but No, in for the kill.

We grabbed him told him no and I sat him between my legs for a minute while he was wailing, expatdaddy checked the other child and apologised to the parents, then I apologised………………..then again later. The lady in question is actually a friend which I’m not sure made it easier or more terrible. I know it’s a phase (isn’t everything in parenthood) but I feel deflated. Worse of all I’m mad at myself as even when his time out minute was up I kept telling him how cross I was, he would walk away, play, look at me, when come back for a cuddle. Why did I do that??? I know I can feel you all getting ready to pelt me with stones.

Anyhoo, we decided it was time to leave, we said our apologies again goodbyes and off we went, we walked along for a wee bit, then headed to bistro for some dinner as it was a bit of journey home. All through dinner he was an angel, it was hard to believe this child was even capable of biting another human.  Expat daddy has officially banned me from watching Twilight now, not that I ever did when LPV was around but maybe my love for vampires is rubbing off on my son. Nah, I only watch it for the hot totty!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Toddler Twilight Saga

  1. Mum obrien says:

    trace stop beating your self a bout it . All children go through this . Liam is not a bad child it’s just something they all go through you will never get a perfect child . And any one who says their child was is lying . Liam is still learning and so are you .

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    My four year old used to go through a phase of biting but it would only be his big brother, poor little thing had bite marks all over him! It is just something that every child does, I think my don did it for attention because he only did it when the attention wasn’t on him. You did the right thing and heres hoping it won’t happen again.
    A friend of mines son who is the same age as my boy, bit my son on the face which left a big bruise for about a month, she didn’t tell him no and she didn’t tell him how unhappy she was with him, which I thought was wrong. He then bit him again 3 times after that I no longer go to visit her.
    He may well be a vampire, my brother used to tell everyone he was a watering when he was a kid and he truly believed it too lol

  3. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Oh lady, I really feel for you, I’ve been there with Sun and it’s awful. I literally felt sick when I found out that Sun had bitten another child at nursery. It sounds like you handled it really well though, try not to feel so guilty…easier said than done! LPV was probably just excited and exploring, I think every child bites something, if not someone, to see what it feels like. Extra cake and coffee needed for you today 🙂 (That pic is hilarious too btw!)

  4. says:

    Hey, your reaction was that of a concerned and emotional mummy, I can totally see why you reacted the way you did. We’ve yet to go through this stage with the Tinkerous Toddler, but her little pal went through it just as he started nursery. It lasted a good three months and at its worst, I remember having to give his mummy, my lovely friend, a big hug as she sat and cried.

    Even so, I am dreading the first time my lil’ madam takes a swipe at another kid or something.

    Onwards and crossways eh!

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