Obama is not a woman!!

At 8am this morning there was a knock on the door, I answered it to see a rather stern looking lady who was a geriatric a little more experience life than I am. She was our dutch teacher, she was pleasant enough although didn’t really appreciate getting weetabix all over her hands as when she went to say hello to LPV he handed his empty breakfast dish to her. She was chatting to us about what she expects from us, while all the time I was wondering in my head “whats dutch for witch”. However giving her the benefit of the doubt I chose my new coaster workbook, expatdaddy took *Micheal Flattley* LPV up stairs and off I went on my new journey of learning!!

We worked through the first couple of pages… What is with languages that involve pronoucing words that mean you can potentially spit all over people!! I pronounce how I see, kind of like Vicky Pollard, Yer but No but Yer, Shaaaaat up!! I not the best with grammar so only time will tell, expat daddy would have to proof read ALL essays for uni even after spell check, this usually ended in an argument with me telling him to bugger off and what did he know about nursing anyway!! *Slams door* However what I did notice about my new coaster workbook is that president Obama seems to be in a lot “De man Obama is niet een vrouw” roughly translated as The man Obama is not a woman!! Just incase you ever wondered!!

After dutch we hard a harder task at hand, settling in LPV to the gym crèche, after last times debacle I decided we would start slow, so today 10 mins!! He cried roughly for 8 mins of the 10 he was there, so were making progress. We met a new friend for coffee and LPV now has a new woman in his life, Maggie, Bayley & Serafina he was thinking of you the whole time!! It was quite cute, watching them play leading each other astray and trying to high 5!! That was until LPV decided to peg it into a room which unbeknown to me was the male changing room, I go running in after him, only to be greeting by lots of semi dressed dutch men *runs shouting, my eyes my eyes*. Tonight I heading out for dinner and I’m fully aware that after today I will partly fall off my no alcohol lent wagon, I’m sure jesus would mind, I’ll  promise him that I wont have desert!!

**LPV is now known in the house as Micheal Flattley in light of his outstanding tantrums & feet stamping abilities!!

I is taking Dutch mind, innit!!!

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