In the “red light” garden

So in our house there’s a certain wee man that loves “In the night garden”. He sings, he dances, he try’s to say “Ninky nonk” it’s cute.
Now I don’t know whether Amsterdam is rubbing off on me. I’m just watching way too much cbeebies I need to leave the house more but I’m starting to see how “dirty” this particular programme is .
Iggle Piggle & Upsydaisy,
I’d put money on it they’ve already joined the mile high club in the Pinky ponk. Iggle Piggle is ALWAYS looking at Upsydaisy’s ass. They need to get a room and whenever they go off into the garden the”Tittyfirs” always come out!

Tombliboo’s, threesome!!!! And they’re always taking their pants off.
The Wottingers/Ponkupines What’s going on in those houses???

I feel a wee bit sorry for him he’s obviously overweight and needs the wheely thing to help him walk, he also has a wee bit of OCD with the cleaning thing. However, is he into kinky stuff? he sleeps with rocks for goodness sake, and his poor head shaped like a sex toy!!

I think we should have a cbeebies free day tomorrow or maybe I should up my crazy pills??
Do you concur??


14 thoughts on “In the “red light” garden

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    This did make me chuckle! Luckily for me, M has outgrown it so I don’t have the pleasure of watching it anymore, but I used to be in your position and I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  2. lplatemummy says:

    Haha this actually made me lol! Totally with you on this. And there’s a lot of free loving going on in that garden, they all kiss and grope each other! x

  3. huntsonthemove says:

    LMAO. We haven’t watched it that much. Note to self to watch it a little more closely next time. I could be a bit more entertaining for myself and DH next time.

  4. Wub Boo Mummy says:

    Hahahaha too funny. My kids just love In the night Garden. I’ve always thought Upsy Daisy was a bit saucy, but now I’m going to have to look at the rest of the characters a little more closely.

  5. says:

    I have a bit of an aversion to In the Night Garden – give me Waybuloo any day! But now I see things from your perspective…!! Found this post through A Real Mummy Diary’s 7×7 meme btw – not that I needed to be told what a fab blogger you are! x

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