“What a difference a day makes….lalalalala” *shatters windows with singing* Today I had a day off!!! I know so excited I could pee my pants. Well it wasn’t a full day but these days I’ll take what I can get. LPV went off with his Granny & Granddad for the afternoon so I packed up my HANDBAG and off I trotted into Haarlem, all by my self, on my jack jones, billy No mates but happy about it!!

Now for a wee shortie I walk abnormally fast, it’s not too bad when you have a buggy to push and your walking through the streets at a rate of knots, people think “oh stressed mammy, get out her way”. However as i was without said buggy, I was a little bit self conscious of my Linford Christy walking so whenever I seen a group of people, I look at my watch pretending to be late for something. I don’t know where the fast walking came from, the only thing I can think of is from trying to keep up with expat daddy’s walking in the early days, I had to practically run to keep up with him.

My day was planned a stroll around the shops, bit of coffee or lunch then the gym, it took me a while to get out of baby mode as the first shop I went into was a baby shop, the 2nd shop I went in was a bit of a buy everything shop I was going to pick up some metal egg cups as LPV has taken a shine to throwing my china one’s into the kitchen bin. As I walked I sucked in the fresh air I thought to myself that I was feeling better with each day here so soon I will start to wean down the crazy pills.

I stopped at this little coffee shop, NO it wasn’t one of “those” coffee shops, I walked in and it was empty, sat down by the window, ordered a coffee & a slice of *Terry & Sue* and just read my book. There was time in my life that I would have looked at someone like and thought “saddo” I guess that was the immature girl in me, today I enjoyed just being alone, not having to talk to anyone or anything. I could have stayed there all afternoon but I got so relaxed at one point it was move or your fall asleep. So now I have the hard decision to make of snooze in a quiet house or go to the gym

What would you do?????

*Terry & Sue = Tiramisu

8 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. L-plate Mummy says:

    I can sooooo relate to this post! Oh to go out with just my handbag! I too used to think people that sat alone in coffee shops were odd, now it’s something I love to do when I get the chance.
    Sounds like you had great ‘you’ time, well deserved I’m sure! 🙂

  2. Mummy Bear says:

    Mmmm, tiramisu… *drools ever so slightly*

    I still haven’t started gym-ing, although it was a new years resolution… these days I would take the sleep any day!

    I reckon you were a good girl and went to the gym though x

  3. says:

    I am so with you on the going off for a few hours on your own thang – got a much overdue morning of it planned for tomorrow (well, as long as husband can still cope with the toddler and his kidney stone!!). My fantasy of how it will pan out features me, with my Kindle, a large latte and some cake, ALONE in a quiet cafe. Hope you feel suitably rested after your timeout! x

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