Postnatal depression out reach to help MEN!!

Whilst scrolling through the tinterweb I came across this article about a husband setting up an outreach programme for other husbands/fathers whose wives/otherhalves are suffering from postnatal depression. Initially I thought to myself WOW good on ya mate but after reading it I felt it was more about him and that made me want to kick him in the balls sad. Maybe it was the way it was written  that makes it sound to me about how bad his life was. Don’t take it wrong way for sure father/husbands need support through this I know my husband could do with some, sometimes but if there’s nothing for husbands/fathers what do you think is out there for Mammy’s, fecking nothing!!!! I was extremely lucky I had a brilliant midwife who helped me through extremely bad times but you can read first hand here from iwantmymummy what shitty services are available for mammy’s dealing with this illness.

I am going to sit on the fence tho *removes spike from arse* although I think some of the article made him sound like a jack ass but I do feel that he’s onto a winner and fair play to him for doing something other than moaning or worrying about his wife. It did make me wonder tho about how many men would share their feelings in public/with others. I’m not really sure if Expatdaddy  would feel comfortable with that, he’s quite a private person, I can just imagine him with his name badge on standing up

“Hi My name is Expat daddy”

“Hi Expat daddy”

“My wife is a fecking lunatic has postnatal depression”

“Tell us how that makes you feel”…………………..

All jokes aside (I am mocking myself and hubs there, No one else) I really do hope that this changes attitudes and the stigma surrounding depression, mental health IS an illness, so remember next time you say to someone “what have you got to be depressed about” think about how you making that person feel. Depression is different to being depressed cos you wanted that coat and now it’s sold out, depression is your inner monologue that your constantly fighting to get through the days. When your playing with your child having great fun you think to yourself “yeah I can do this” your inner voice comes at you with “who are you kidding you stupid cow, your messing that child up for life”

Maybe we should all try to end the stigma together


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