V Day

No not Valentines, Very emotional day, the fact is after spending two weeks with my family & now being on my own again, I’m feeling a wee bit weepy peepy. Also a 2nd trip to Kansas  see my Dubai bestie has fallen through again. I loved all my girls in Dubai and truth be told I’m missing them so much it hurts. I’ve met some lovely people and our play group is our saving grace but it harder 2nd time around, much more than I anticipated, when I met the sandpit ladies we all had young wee ones, all looked like deer in the headlights, we were all first time mammies, apart from Jen who we grilled for advice. However now I meeting people with toddlers (which is great) but I walking into activities where people already have strong established friendships, I feel like an outsider and it’s breaking my heart. The last thing I want this post to do is sound like I’m ungrateful, I’m not, I’m just sad, I miss the fact that If it’s a bad day I can’t just go to Monica’s sprawl out on her couch, watch jerseylicious and eat all her cakes.

I have actually had a great day even tho it’s a contradiction of terms, playgroup was fun LPV ate way too many Valentines treats and has been a pain in my arse all afternoon but in a funny way. My neighbour came by with her two daughters and cake this afternoon which was really lovely and I just discovered a supermarket that is quiet which I can drive too and do the shopping on my own. Happy daze!!

Any way tomorrow is another day and Granny & Granddad Quack Quack are arriving in the morning along with Uncle Donal so we will have a fabby week with them, may even get out for a wee drinkie, fingers crossed

Happy Valentines day

Mine joined them later this evening!!


5 thoughts on “V Day

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    I just want to give you a big hug! Its hard at first mixing and fitting in new circles but you will do and I’m sure you will make some fab buddies too. It must be hard being away from family and friends 🙂

  2. Jo weston says:

    Hey there
    Just wanted to say it is hard when you first get here trying to find mates but you will…the great thing about the group is that there are always new people coming along, some of my now good friends were made in the last year, not when i first arrived. Give yourself time, seize all opportunities, invite people to yours, keep getting out even whilst visitors are here..and dont be too hard on yourself x

  3. Bibsey Mama says:

    Oh love. I know what you mean. I have lovely friends here in Spain. It has taken ages to really establish these friendships. But I miss my girls in London and sometimes ask myself what I am doing so far away from the people I love and who love me…

    Hang in there. It will come. Besitos xxx

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