D’ya know I was always good at my 7 times table at primary school, then I grew up and now I’m a mathematical genius shit. Any who also loved a good game of Tag too. So was delighted to be tagged your it by the lovely i want my mummy. She such a beautiful writer and she’s doing a fab job of writing about her struggles with PND to try to end the stigma that surrounds this illness.

Here are 7 posts that I’ve come across in the blogging world that I’ve loved to read so you like to share therm with you

Wow, that was actually quite a challenge, difficult when there are so many fabby blogs & bloggers out there, so now the other part of the 7×7

So there you have that little lots should keep you all out of trouble for a while, happy reading……………………………..


6 thoughts on “7×7

  1. mother.wife.me says:

    Hello! Thank you ever so much for including me in your 7×7, I am really flattered – and it is also nice to read that there is possibly someone out there with a similar ‘interesting’ mind as mine!! Mind twins!!

    Your 7×7 has also introduced some new blogs to my repertoire of reading, so thank you for that too! x

  2. Living Life as an Expat Parent says:

    Thank you, friend! That is really kind and flattering. And indeed, we do need to stick together. Hope you far exceed your best stats today. 🙂

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