Why I love you Wednesday: LPV

This week has been pretty thought-provoking in our house, you never know what going on in people lives. whilst some people are celebrating happy occasions like a new baby, some people are going through trauma to get justice for wrong doing that they’ve had done to a family member, others are going to through emotional hell as a cherished loved one is sick.

It’s got me thinking about we take the people around for granted, our family our friends, other people in our lives, are we so quick to fly off the handle if we don’t get our own way in life? Have we forgotten what it’s all about? LOVE *holds out puke bucket*

I’m really lucky I have a wee man in my life that makes me smile everyday, even when I am in the worst mood ever, he’ll raise my spirits, by a smile, snoring, sleeping sideways in his cot. Today for example, after bath time I spend most of my time chasing him around trying to rub moisturizer in him while he steals his cousins chocolate chip muffin and pee’s all over his Grandma’s couch.

To my Boo Boo Monster

I always wanted to be your mammy, I often still think that the hospital will knock on the door and ask for you back one day, loanababy.com!! I didn’t think it was quite possible to love someone or thing as much as I love you. I love that your repeating words, sometimes the wrong one’s (jesus christ will now be replaced with Cheese & Rice) I love that you sing the theme tune to In the night garden in dododoo’s, that you grab your trousers and sway from side to side when your dancing *Trev & Simon singing corner* I love that you have a proper little temper on you and your testing every ounce of patience I have *could live without it tho* I love the way you have got me through the toughest time in my life, with one look from you gives me thousands of reasons to live. I will do everything in my power to protect you from all the bad things that life can bring and when I can’t I hope I will have given you enough strength, courage & love to get you through them. Although you hate having your face washed, nappy changed and eating peas, I promise that it is for your own good and you will understand why one day.


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16 thoughts on “Why I love you Wednesday: LPV

  1. Kirstie says:

    Naw, that’s so lovely hun! We all love LPV, he is a little ray of sunshine. And it’s very true that sometimes you just never know what’s happening in someone else’s world, you taught me that actually xxoo

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