Let the sunshine………

Bring me sunshine, in your smile *does Morcombe and Wise dance through living room* It would seem I am a popular lady this week (although my stats do not reflect this) The lovely mummyglitzer and slightlysuburbandad have nominated me for an award “February sunshine award” *curtsey’s whilst being showered in roses*.

There are rules that one must abide whilst bring sunshine, all I have to do is answer these following questions…easy? yeah right!! Here goes

Favourite Colour: I would have to say, green or blue, these colours seem to suit me

Favourite Animal: Ummmm, probably Elephant and Zebra, not I meet many of them on daily basis

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  I do love a nice cup of Barry’s tay, diet coke!!

Facebook or Twitter: At the moment I have to say Twitter, it makes me laugh and I do love a bit of banter with @motherventing it’s good for the soul

Favourite Number: 4 probably because of the Sesame street song

Favourite day of the week: It used to be Thursday as that was the start of the Dubai weekend, now I suppose Friday or Saturday

My passion:  Without a doubt It has to be the two men in my life, My family/friends and strange to me, now it’s my writing

Getting or giving presents: I do love buying presents and wrapping them all fancy but if anyone wants to buy me a gift, I’m not going to chuck you out of bed for eating crackers, d’ya get what I mean!!

Favourite pattern: I like polka dots, my outfit for a friend’s wedding is polka dots, however I do have watch patterns as they make my bangers look even bigger

Favourite flower: Cerise pink gerbera’s we had for our wedding, they were beautiful

Now I have to pass on the sunshine so that’s what I’m going to do

Amsterdamummy because she is one of the nicest people you’ll meet/read

Bisbsey just because I don’t need a reason

Mumofthreeboys Have just recently started to follow her and she’s fabby

inmemoryoflachlan Cos she sometimes needs extra sunshine


3 thoughts on “Let the sunshine………

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    Aaw thank you Hun, didn’t notice that You had passed some sunshine my way, sorry!
    My OH fell in love with elephants when he went travelling round Thailand, he said they are everywhere. X

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