Walk in centre hell

This weekend LPV has been a bit out of sorts and from saturday morning he’s pretty much been covered head to toe in hives. They’ve come and gone and firstly they didn’t bother him but yesterday they looked so vicious and he seemed to be itchy, so I took him to the walk in centre.

The NHS Walk in Centre, what a soul destroying place that is, there are signs up everywhere saying that they DO NOT take appointments but then people walk straight in register, take a seat and their name gets called immediately *steam shoots from ears*. I’m not stupid I understand that some people are more sick than others but when you sat there for 4 hours after being told it was 1hr 30min wait it can really make your blood boil. I really don’t know why I actually believed them when I used to work for the NHS, you have the normal persons hour then you have the NHS hour which can be anything from 5 minutes to all day!!!

I am officially put off the name Archie  forever as there was “sick” child running around called Archie, whose mother thought it was absolutely acceptable  to below across the waiting room for him to sit down. I’m usually quite patient when it come to kids but I too an instant dislike to him, his mother did tell him she wasn’t going to tell him again,god I prayed that she wouldn’t open her trap anymore, but she did and Archie, love him *jaw ache from gritted teeth* continued to run around spreading his germs with everyone!! Cheers Arch!!

Getting back to my wee man, I’m still none the wiser as too what is causing the hives, I’m hoping it’s just being to hot as that’s something I can control and not a food allergy. I look at them and I just want to cry, I want to take them away, how dare they take residence on my beautiful boy, make him uncomfortable and unhappy. We were given anti histamine, the nurse was lovely(I don’t tell them about the nursing) and told us it would make LPV drowsy, *ahem* not even an tranquilizer gun meant for an elephant would make my child drowsy. He came home, ate a roast dinner, terrorized the dog, re arranged the cd’s and figured out where Grandma keeps the moo cow biscuits.

Although it’s a great service, yesterday I thought the Walk in centre could be used as a form of torture (especially if Archie is there)


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