Research is great, lord only knows I read enough of it when studying to become a paediatric nurse. where would we be without it? We’d still be in the dark about many illness’ and diseases, we wouldn’t have as much as we do about the world we live and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Now I think it would be safe to say that as far as most reasearch goes I know diddly swat, I read into something if I’m stuck and possible need some advice on rearing a wee person, I am guilty of owning some fecking useless very helpful baby books, Mylene Klass’s book was fab *tries to avoid eye contact as clearly lying* but the best advice I was ever given was from my good friend KS.

You should checkout her blog , she’s new to the blogging world and writes a beautiful blog about her wee sleeping angel. KS told me “throw the f**king books of the balcony” when we hung out together in Dubai, I did (not literally) and I relaxed, well I relaxed as much as someone on crazy pills with PND could.

I believe reasearch/studies whatever you want to call them is like religion, we all read it, we all know it’s there, we all have our own beliefs and ways of how we like it affect our or guide us in life. However there are the fanatics that  want to shove it down your throat at any given opportunity……….Some humdingers of late in forum I used to class as my safety net here in Dutch land, now I’m afraid to log on.

  • Formula contains pesticides (this upset me beyond belief and if I’m honest still does, the guilt of not breastfeeding will always be with me)
  • It isn’t right to let your baby sleep through the night (Now I can see to a certain point that when there young they need to be regularly fed but are they really trying to take sleep completely away from us parents)
  • And something piping on about how bad chicken is for our children (THIS, this has always been around and always will be I’m afraid, nothing we eat is good for us these days but I’m not about to starve me or LPV or run out and buy Organic as were a one income family…….. I could however tell LPV he has a choice Either Organic chicken or poisonous milk?????

What do you think, is there any advice that stuck out for you or are you a reasearch addict???



4 thoughts on “Reaserch

  1. inmemoryoflachlan says:

    Naw, thanks for that hunny! I still stand by advice, you think WAY too much! LOL! Formula is NOT poison, you are not killing LPV, you are a great mum and FFS ignore all the crap! Sending my love to you in the land of yummy brownies ;P

  2. farfromhomemama says:

    Points one and three – really? Seems really bizarre to me but I’m no expert. Point two – having a son who didn’t sleep through the night until he was 14 months, I think he believed this point. Two feed a night, right up until he started walking. Maybe we have some Dutch blood in us. The one thing that really annoyed me through my pregnancy was constantly being told I didn’t eat enough – I switched from three large meals to six smaller ones but so many people told me I needed to eat more for the sake of my baby. I put on 3 and a half stone and had a 10 pound 2 oz baby so there really was no undereating health issue at all. It really use to upset me. Arrggghhh. Can we through out some people as well as the books?

  3. tucomom says:

    I’ve stopped over-researching everything. It was making me worry me way too much about the smallest things. I’ve been trying to do my best by using common sense and I think it’s made me a better mom.

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