Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor I think that your shite!!!

That’s what I should have said, what did I do, “thank you Dr and happily handed over my twenty-five euro’s to pay for they pleasure of having a lifeless zombie examine my son.

Me: Hello, I just wanted you to take a look at my son’s eczema and it’s flared up recently and he even has it on his bottom, I’m worried about infection. Also could we have some more cream as we’ve run out

Strips off child

Dr: Yes, he has eczema!!!  (well stone a crow, didn’t know that), Do you have cream??

Me: No we’ve run out *did I not just say that*

Dr: I will prescribe some cream

It’s good to know that our children are being cared for by the best!!

I miss you Dr Khan!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor

  1. Gone Bananas says:

    Hate Doctors that don’t listen! Just want to grab their head and do the two finger point to their eyes and then mine! Glad you were able to get some more cream for him! Bless!

  2. khloeee says:

    I always had trouble when I took Arlo to the GP about his eczema. Found that they were always very quick to dismiss with ‘all babies get it, it’s very common’, and send you away without any real advice for treatment or prevention. Hope your son’s flare up gets better soon.

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