Snow day

Today we had Snow or Sneeuw should I say. Now were still trying to get used to life in the land of windmills, shops don’t open on Sunday, beer at the cinema, cannabis shop on the high street (next to the butcher, baker, candle stick maker). We bundle LPV into the buggy all snug and warm and headed to the toyshop cafe, it’s was cold but there was only a wee sprinkle of icing sugar snow so it was ok to walk. We got there only to discover the friggin shops don’t open on Monday either!!! I do think I’m not relaxed enough for European life, I want my shops and cafes open 7 days a week, oh and a Tesco and some Robinsons sugar free squash, cheerios and sausage casserole mix. Anyhow, we came home and had homemade tosties courtesy of George Foreman.

I like to do at least one activity with LPV a day whether it be going out or staying in, I couldn’t be arsed to drag him out again so excitedly I get out the play dough, LPV wasn’t interested unless it was to eat it, this doesn’t concern me, what concerns me is “LPV and his amazing techincolour turn out” tomorrow. We gave up on play dough and out came the aqua doodle mat, was he interested, ummm no, only interested in sucking the water out of the water pen. Well I suppose he needed to wash the play dough down with something.

Then mammy & expatGma came up with a new game, we had half folded away the play dough mat (recycled 1st birthday table cloth) LPV jumps on, so instead on him being yelled at to get off, we decided to drag him around the living room whilst he was sat in the middle. At first he didn’t know what to make of it, flashing me a look that said “Mammy I’m fully aware YOU’RE completely barking but I though Daddy might have left me with at least ONE responsible adult”. He then got into the swing of it and was screaming his head off, repeating PEASE PEASE when he wanted to go again.

When this got boring the table cloth became a parachute, No I don’t mean LPV was sky diving from the light fittings but the parachutes you get at baby groups. The one’s you spend ricdonkulous amounts of money on only to discover your child hates it and you have to leave early because their  screaming and little Tarquin next to him is “very sensitive you know” Tarqy’s Mammy explains.

So although it wasn’t your average Snow day if was a fun day, tomorrow is toddler swim, should be fun…………..Hmmmmm public changing room???? No it won’t be fun


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