Reading through the blogs I follow last night I stumbled across a great post from Goodbye pert breasts. It was about our things!! No Not those things, you filthy minded minx but the things that make us… well us. Strange, funny, wacky, me I feel I am perfectly normal, hubs would probably beg to differ.

So here are a few of mine


I can not bring myself to taste pasta or rice to see if it cooked, I love it and will quite happily eat it when it’s plated up but simply refuse to try it. Needless to say when expatdaddy is away in the states this week there won’t any on the menu.

Swimming pool changing rooms

This is by far the worse thing ever, I can’t walk across them without wretching, to walk I curl up my toes and walk in a John Wayne fashion to limit my contact with the floor. My god I’m wretching now just thinking about it. manky hair, used plasters, bits of tissues. I’ve been spoilt in Dubai the cleanliness was fab but when I take LPV swimming this week I’m sure it will be nervous wreck *shudders*

Lolly sticks

Oooooh I love a good ice  lolly, cider flavour, twister, feast *dribbles* However I can bare it when my teeth touch the stick it make them on edge *pulls face* Or if someone does it in front of me it freaks me out.

So there you have my list, I think it’s safe to say that if LPV grows up anything like me he will be a fruit and nut case, I can’t wait to see what little anecdotes he’ll have he such a character already.


9 thoughts on “Things

  1. Alex says:

    I never taste anything I cook, let alone test pasta or rice!! LOL.. changing room floors are gross if you think about them. I got verrucas from them as a child at one point I ended up with 14 on one foot and 8 on the other. Ick ick ick….

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