Some mothers do av em!!

And my mother certainly did, sometimes when I read my posts back, I read is disbelief, do all those things actually happen?? Do people actually believe my days are like this, well honestly they are. Take this morning for instance…… another true expatmammy aka Frank Spencer moment. expatdaddy had to leave earlier than usual some there was no time for me to shower before he left, with LPV washed and changed by 8:45am *personal best, bows* we travelled up the next stairs to the shower. Now the power shower is up on the top floor of the house, I shut all the doors and kept LPV in the bathroom with me. I get in the shower and realise I’ve made the catastrophic mistake of leaving the toilet lid up!! Be makes a beeline for the toilet duck freshener thing, squeezing it and although my toilet is now nice and clean, it’s not something I want him to play with. I drive out the shower skid over to the toilet, grab him wash his hands and put the toilet down. Now he is soaking, the floor is flooded and I’m dripping foam everywhere, I get back in the shower. He discovers the pictures that haven’t yet been put up and the waste paper been, empty thank god.

Shower over, now it’s time to destroy the middle floor bathroom, ok lets clear something up here…. it’s a town house!! Now the cotton buds have been filed in alphabetical order on the floor, everything I need goes straight into the bath, when I say goes I mean thrown followed by “GOAL”. we’ve only just dried out the baby monitor that went in the bath the other morning

So there you go believe it or not, all this has happen before 9am, so this is Frank signing off to see what the rest of the day will bring.xx


7 thoughts on “Some mothers do av em!!

  1. EmmaK says:

    That is so funny! reminds me of the mayhem when I had two small kids and getting a shower was really hard so I usually put them in with me. Check out my book Cocktails at Naptime for inadequate mums like moi

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