Ass Blast

So today I took the plunge and joined a gym here in Haarlem, the most desirable thing about it?? The Creche!!!!! *does little dance* I’m not trying to get rid of my wee man but after 19 months I need some me time, even if I do have to sweat my arse of whilst getting it, I’m hoping that it will give me the incentive to go. It was an amazing gym, what tickled me is that they have a class called “ass blast” my arse is twitching just thinking about the pain the class will cause, may give this one a wide berth, so to speak!!

The last couple of days have been fun, Tuesday we went to playgroup, LPV seemed to find his feet pretty easily this week and find the plate of flap jacks too. A proud mammy moment for me when I caught him eating flap jack crumbs from the floor. I feel I’ve grown as a person tho, the old me would have worried about what the other mammies thought but I can safely say this time I couldn’t give a flap jacks arse about it. He made pizza there too, well correction really I made the pizza he ate the toppings, he’s either on a growth spurt or I need to take him to the local vets for worming.

Last night was a night out for me with the Amsterdam mama’s group I joined on Facebook, this women are my saving grace any question you have its answered in the group  immediately with millions of answers. It was lovely to put faces to names and meet up with others I had met before, plus the 20% off Prosecco didn’t do any harm either, well apart from this morning of course. It also gave me an opportunity to eventually meet a fabulous woman face to face, a woman who knows everything about me from reading my blog…………. the lovely amsterdamammy. She’s everything I expected her to be, lovely and great fun.

Friday I have my first visit with the dutch health visitor *twitches a wee bit & bites finger nails* I’m nervous, I’ve heard the Dutch can be abrupt in their approach & me with a tendency to over react and take things personally (I know, shocker!!!) it should make for a pretty amusing afternoon, however at least she’s coming to my house which a bit of a novelty for me. I’ll probably get a good post out of it anyway!!

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