An army of cheese!!

Life hasn’t been that easy since we moved from the sandpit to the land of windmills and cheese, we have met some lovely people and we hope to meet even more. However it’s not the social life part that’s hard it the home life, I’m not talking marital problems or anything like that. The unsettled wee man that we have in our lives, on the surface he’s taken it all in his stride but scratch the surface and you’ll uncover the nocturnal wee man that we are living with. It’s so hard to be sympathetic when your you’ve been summoned from your pit in the early hours of the morning for the last 2 1/2 weeks but we’re trying. On top of this we’ve had colds, coughs  & teething which really don’t make life any easier.

So tonight we’ve pulled out the big guns, today I moved the heaviest furniture around under LPV’s supervision, he is now in the big room I put all his out, his books out and all his photo’s up, I’m not saying they’re straight but they’re up!! In the sandpit he had a big room but when we moved in we thought he’d comfy in the smaller room. He had a nice warm bath, I did some baby massage (believe me not easy on a toddler with ants in his pants), he was filled to the brim with weetabix, read stories and put to bed in his nice new mancave!! I feel like tonight we are going into battle, it’s survival of the fittest (considering expat daddy and I are from fit at the moment, my money is on LPV). I need sleep, they say sleep is for the weak, if that’s the case I am proud to say I couldn’t punch my way out of a wet paper bag!!

On the upside, the boycott on veggies has been lifted and for this I feel I need to pay homage to cholesterol in a block, that beautiful yellow stuff we call cheese. If I put cheese on his veggies he’ll eat them, so cheese I salute you!! unfortunately for the banana the boycott has been transferred to you, see ya!!!


4 thoughts on “An army of cheese!!

  1. stace8383 says:

    I hope he sleeps!! I always think I can handle ANYTHING just as long as I’ve slept, but without sleep I am Mrs Grouchy-pants. Sleep is something I value highly and recommend to everybody!

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