Bedroom movements

Yes that’s right I’m about to tell you all the movements of our bedroom this week. Now from the start we refused to be co- sleepers the odd night is ok but most of the time LPV sleeps in his own bed and I am very proud to say this the one thing I AM strict on. However this week, from here now on shall officially be known as the “week that sucks pig poo!”! *tries very hard not to use swear words* LPV has been in our room EVERYNIGHT or has screamed bloody murder about staying in his own, full on head spinning, pea soup murder!

I came across this blog today “how to be a dad”and I thought it was brilliant,these pictures from his blog sums up pig poo week completely, enjoy………………………………………


My personal favourite


That's it daddy, sleep with one eyes open, I'll get you for the brocoli


Ah another regular


King of the King size bed






6 thoughts on “Bedroom movements

  1. redrosemummy says:

    The first two and the last one are very familiar here! Luckily Bud doesn’t end up in our bed very much anymore but when he does we marvel over how such a small boy can take up so much room?

  2. huntsonthemove says:

    Interesting….Matty is the same since we moved back to the UK. Well we are at the parents-in-law. But he has been here before. Every night is a major battle. He does go into bed okay but after a few hours all hell breaks loose. Back in Dubai he was very good at night. By 5:30am he ends up in our bed, usually snuggled up lying on top of me which means no sleep for me. He might be only 18 months but he is easily the size of a 2 year old and is 14kg/30lb and that was a month or so ago. Granted he isn’t used to the cold here. He has a little heater in his room and is wearing socks with a full sleeper with a fleece sleeper over top so he isn’t cold. Last night was tough love and it broke my heart to hear him cry for about 2-3 hours. We went in every once in a while and just patted his back and tried to lie him down. But it is so hard. Matty hasn’t taken the move so well. Hopefully this is just a phase that he will get out of soon and for LPV.

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