Del boy steals a sheep!!

To today we started again on the making friends front, I do have to say it does get a wee bit easier the 2nd time round………*cough nervously and looks sheepish* Ok you can obviously tell I’m lying through my teeth,  this morning  there was full on flapping and nausea about going to playgroup. Expat daddy very kindly dropped us off as I’m sure left to our devices and my map reading I would probably be in Germany by now (more sausages I guess tho).

Safe to say we had a blast everyone was really friendly and spoke english thankfully, as I didn’t want to embarrass myself with a “Mange tout Rodney, Mange tout” situation but hey considering were in Holland my french is pretty good. I’m glad we have this as a regular thing to do each week and I think LPV & me will really benefit from it.

Tomorrow we are meeting some more friends and going to that f**king petting zoo again, don’t get me wrong I’m really looking forward to it but that bloody zoo has been the bane of my life lately so if it isn’t open I’m bringing a bag for life and I’m going steal me a sheep for the garden!!

One thought on “Del boy steals a sheep!!

  1. Gone Bananas says:

    Ahhh the repetitive zoo trips! lol I remember those days when Meg was small! Play groups are good for the kids, but can be so overwhelming for the parents! Glad you may of found a group to keep you busy!

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