Domestic godess bulk buys the meat!

I have been one domestic goddess this evening, floors have been mopped, hoovering done, dishes done, dusting, yoga. What I did fail at is providing a healthy wholesome dinner for my loved one’s but they’ll get over it. We also went to Mackro, for all of my American friends, this like Costco, we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t waste money by making pointless trips to the supermarket, going in for one item & coming out with a trolley full (well this for my benefit really, I should really go to shoppers anonymous) So after bulk buying everything we now have enough meet in our freezer to open a restaurant. Ps, I never seen a chorizo sausage that big before, god this country is making obsessed with sausages!!

Not sure about domestic goddess more like desperate housewife. I have real trouble with this housewife/mother role you know. If LPV is happy and contented he’s getting all my attention, however the washing basket is over flowing, the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off in it and the rest of the house looks like toys r us. If I have a good a day (which is really not that often) then the chances are LPV is hanging off my leg and I dragging him around by the of the day. Let me stop and define a good day, a good day is where I manage to get at least one load of washing on and dinner cooked. I do feel a contented LPV is much better than a tidy house but how do people do it. I am struggling with the downsides of motherhood, we seemed to have enter the whining phase, we whine at everything and the cot for day time snoozes is now become the anti christ!! I have already cut out one snooze so we are only down to one. I swear to god that all my new neighbours can hear is me in desperation pleading with a certain wee man to go to sleep.

On the upside we found the petting zoo, so the constant baaaaa noises could be rewarded?? Not a chance, it was shut, nothing seems to open here on a monday or a sunday for that matter.  LPV is like a sponge and he’s picking up on everything, today I dropped something and said “Uh oh spaghetti O”  for this I’m glad I did say the usual oh bollocks as he repeated it and has been repeated it all afternoon. That one would have taken some explaining. Tomorrow we are going to playgroup, hopefully it will be fun, the fun will start with getting there we have the most crapiest sat nav in the world

One thought on “Domestic godess bulk buys the meat!

  1. Mistress Mummy says:

    I LOVE mackro! Although, sometimes the things there are cheaper in Tesco. Makes no sense to me. But I just like that everything is ENORMOUS!

    Having a happy child is much better than a tidy house, keeping both is exhausting! Stick him in front of the tv for 5 mins while you put the washing on.

    Hope you manage to find the playgroup tomorrow!

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