Which came first the sheep or dog poo??

So how have you all been, I know I haven’t been here much, just the odd post about naked men to keep you going. To tell you the truth I’ve just been getting to grips with my new life, here in the Dam. Trying to get LPV back into a routine where he doesn’t think 3am is breakfast time and well to be really honest, the computer is right at the top of the house and I just couldn’t be arsed to walk up the other flight of stairs. Lazy??? Yeah probably but until you’ve climbed a dutch staircase, you’ll have No idea what I’m talking about, I was considering going out and buying rock climbing gear to make the stairs more accessible!!

Well were coming into our 2nd full week in our new home and surroundings. For the last week I’ve been trying to find a bloody petting zoo in one of the parks here and if it kills me this we are going to see some chuffing sheep!! Especially as LPV has now learnt a new animal sound, yep you’ve guessed it, sheep!! Now everything has gone from being woof woof to Baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa. It’s been fun exploring, LPV got to test drive his wellies even tho it was dry, he did a kind of Neil Armstrong walk all around the park, stopping at every piece of dog poo for closer inspection. Thank the lord he didn’t try to pick it up. Funnily enough I didn’t share his OH WOW feeling about the dog poo. That is something I can’t get my head around here, Dubai was so clean on the dog poo front and I’ve just realised I said dog poo 4 times already, time to stop!

We went on our first couple of playdates, last week, we were shown a gem of place (by some lovely new friends) called Meneer Paprika in a toy shop called Toyzon, a cafe in a toy shop, what will they think of next. LPV loved the huge train set available for children to play on. I was nervous when he found the Lego gorilla, knowing full well that if anyone’s child was going to take off a piece and it all came crashing down, it would be my child. It’s a great place, I have about 30 minutes until LPV discovers the actual shop, then it’s game over unless I want to go to a dutch prison for shop lifting.

My first girlie night was with someone who’s become very dear to me already, we went for dinner and a movie. Dinner was awesome especially trying to decipher the menu. The best part?? Beer in the cinema!! Frickin awesome, there was no rustles of popcorn or sweetie bags through the film just the popping of Grolsch bottles, think we’ll be very much at home here.


3 thoughts on “Which came first the sheep or dog poo??

  1. redrosemummy says:

    Sounds like you are settling in well! I share your pain on the sheep front, we went for a walk in the countryside on Friday. I said ‘Bud, there will be sheep’, Bud replied, excitedly ‘baaa baaa’. We didn’t find one single sodding sheep! The only one we did see was driving home when he had already flaked out 🙂

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