Naked in my kitchen

Well we are slowly getting into the land of the living. We’ve unpacked all the boxes and are now surrounded by flat pack cardboard, every child’s dream.

We have our cable tv up and thank heavens we have our babysitter/Disney junior back, in English too. Any hoo getting to the point of this post as you were probably disappointed when you started reading after being hooked in with the title. Whilst making a cuppa I was somewhat disturbed to see a rather overweight man with man boobies and all naked with his widger hanging out on my kitchen tiles.
I know this is Amsterdam but nakedness in the kitchen I feel vialated, now I can’t stop looking at it. It’s right above the cooker so the term smoked sausage takes on a whole new meaning now!



7 thoughts on “Naked in my kitchen

    • Expat Mammy says:

      absolutely there’s not many people with pennis’s on display in their in kitchen, if there are I’d like to meet them maybe we could start a support group

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