Mammy for sale!!

I would appear I’m surplus to requirements this year and it’s only January 3rd. MY wee man has suddenly grown up and decided he doesn’t need me anymore. Ok slight over reaction (I know completely out of character huh???) but over night he’s become this independent young man who doesn’t want silly mammy’s help throwing yogurt and weetabix all over the floor, he would rather do it himself.

As I write this he is just unbelievably busy taking every single mega block (he has a lot) one by one from the living room to the bedroom doorway, which is without a doubt THE perfect place to store your mega blocks wouldn’t you agree??

However it’s an exciting day, today we get the keys to our new house *does exciting dance, resembling David Brent office stylee* small snag, still NO furniture, minor details!!!

Anyhoo here is LPV’s sales pitch for me if anyone is interested


  • Slightly bigger than she was before Christmas
  • Loves me lots and lots
  • Fun to play with
  • Laughs when I trump
  • Makes good Irish stew
  • Does a lot of Annoying singing and makes up songs about random things
  • Likes to buy you toys (Gosh could she be Santa?????????)
  • Can not do the hot dog dance
  • Is a little crazy when flying with Ryanair

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