Day one of a new year!!

And Pat Butcher is already dead, the universe has changed as we know it!! To be honest this is 2nd traumatic experience of 2012 and it’s only fecking 1st Jan.

Before doing our goodbye visiting rounds today, we thought It would be lovely to take LPV for a lovely stroll around the lough in Cork, feed the duckies (we gave them bread this time and not salad). It was lovely the little black and white duck was very appreciative, now I know black and white duck is not its official name but I’ve never confessed to being Terry Nutkins and my extent of bird knowledge is whether It goes well with plum sauce or cranberry sauce.

From there we continued our walk we did have a small incident wear Thomas the tank woolly hat met the water, thankfully he didn’t drown and granddad rescued him just in time. It was here we met the swans, I hate them and kept a wide berth. It was all down hill from then, I then found myself transported into a Alfred Hitchcock movie, being surrounded by pigeons, seagulls, geese and ducks, flying, waddling, rocket launching themselves at us. At one point expat daddy and myself found ourselves corner by some geese. I swear to god that I could actually hear him hissing “It’s payback for the goose fat potato’s lady”. Again granddad and LPV came to the rescue with a slice of bread. Granny was pooped on by a pigeon but unfortunately this had no luck with any winnings from last nights lotto. Of course I did laugh at this, but I was laughing with her…. It’s probably best that we’ll be leaving Ireland in the morning at I completely embarressed myself at the lough, with skreeching & hiding from feathered demons, I won’t be able to return for a while.


4 thoughts on “Day one of a new year!!

  1. stace8383 says:

    I hate geese! They terrify me when they’re angry, or even just slightly irate. Swans are ok when they’re swimming, but once they’re on land and lurching towards me, I’d rather not be quite so close. hehe

  2. Gemma aka Ma-aam...can I have...? says:

    Oh god, I remember screeching in very busy public ‘duck feeding’ park as I thought (without my glasses on) there was an ALBATROSS flying towards my head. Turned out it was a white carrier bag. There were so many birds around though, I got paranoid and confused. :-/ I share your feelings of panic around these unpredictable creatures. He he.

  3. hannah says:

    I can sympathise with the geese! I don’t like at all, swans are great though if you respect their space..Happy new year! hope there are no bird related incidents set for you in the near future! x

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