Out with the old in with the new

Hey… hello, sorry I know you probably don’t recognise me do you??? Well it’s me, Expatmammy, bit squishy and wobbly in the face and arse after too much Christmas cheer but I’m back.

Sorry for the lack of posts, my motivation and inspiration went off on holidays for a bit there, I think I can say they’re back but who knows. I still have been reading tho, I tell you one thing, I was so surprised at some of what I read, I was surprised at how many people are down on Christmas  not wanting to “lie” to their children about Santa. Surely it’s just one of those things like “eat your carrots you’ll see in the dark” Anyway each to their own but I for one enjoyed every minute of christmas with LPV, he made it magical.

We are still here in the land of the leprechaun’s (oops another fictional character) and having a grand old-time. Wednesday we took LPV & Miss pie to “Toddler Cinema” *shudders at the thought* However it was actually quite good, we went to see Arthur Christmas……Miss Pie was a very good girl and sat with her Mammy for a good amount of time, LPV was good but he had the usual ants in his pants, not only did he have stairs to climb but they had lights on them. If he had a hoover there aswell I reckon I could have gone of shopping and he would have been happy out!

LPV made some friends, there were two lovely wee lads there, around 10 I’d say (what they were doing at Toddler cinema I don’t know, there is a recession I guess). LPV adored them and kept going to chat, the feeling was mutual and they were delighted to see him every time he went to there seats. It was lovely to see but part of me didn’t want it to happen, 2 words for you Jamie Bulger. What is the world coming to when your suspicious of wee children, I know they can be horrible but I felt terrible.

Anyhoo this takes me on to my wish list for 2012, I not going to make resolutions as I break them at around lunch time on January 1st. The first…………..

  • To be more trusting & see good in people but not to be naive, not everyone is against me
  • To love me…….big bangers and all!!!!
  • When I achieved the first 2 I can accomplish this 1…. No more crazy pills
  • To travel europe and learn dutch


Happy new year guys

With love from

The Expats


4 thoughts on “Out with the old in with the new

  1. Mistress Mummy says:

    When you’re done with your crazy pills can I have them please? … And the big bangers too? 😉

    Wishing you all the best for the new year x

  2. Average Jo says:

    I would love big bangers, sadly i don’t even have what qualify as bangers even lol.
    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year xxx

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