Have a break, have a Kit Kat

As it Christmas I feel I might give myself a wee break from blogging, however don’t be surprised if I don’t. So this arvo we are heading to Eindhoven to fly back to Ireland to visit the familia. We are about to experience the true spirit of Christmas…………………. Ryanair, where you pat a euro to pee, 60 euro to have the pleasure of wearing clothes over the Christmas period and the bumpiest landing  in all aeroplane history. Merry Christmas to YOU Micheal O’Leary hope that big Tipperary Mansion of yours isn’t too big. Still the joys of Christmas travel won’t break our spirits, as we have kinder chocolate………..and a Christmas iphone app that literally counts the seconds to Christmas.

So to get us in the mood here’s a wee tune (if it works)


Nollaig Shona Everyone



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