Hands up if your crazy

Well I hope todays post goes better than yesterday’s, apologies for the lack of writing, If I’m honest I have writers block and I can’t genuinely be arsed at the moment. So to my regular followers thanks for sticking with. At the moment blogging is wearing thin with me, I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way I love my regulars for their likes, comments and tweets I appreciate it and smile every time I see your names. I feel I’m letting it get to me in a negative way, too caught up in stats, the ignorant bloggers who NEVER bother to repay the visit, (I know that’s not what it’s about but politeness and thanks don’t cost you a penny, maybe you don’t like what I write or my style and that fair shout but all have to start somewhere, be nice)

Hands ups if you haven’t taken your crazy pills for day!!!! *sheepishly raises hands*. Here alone in the apartment, watching infomercials as it’s the only thing in English, I have a lot of time to wind myself up, our house is making great progress so I’m really happy about that. Yesterday was my first day here just me and the wee man, we bundled up and set off with of our shopping list. Went on a mammoth walk, 1st on the list a phone……..Um actually not possible I have No idea of where I live or what my bank details are, lets wait for daddy. The supermarket which I have now named with complete contempt Albert Shitstien, I found chicken, that’s easy……… chicken’s chicken wherever you live………I find mince!! Is it low-fat? I don’t know I can’t read dutch, is it Veal or beef? I don’t know, I can’t read dutch. I try to find squash, I buy “squash” I get home it’s not fecking squash!!!!! Finally I get to an aisle where I can understand the labels………. MERLOT, CABERNET SAUGIONVON, CHIANTTI….. I get to check out, I’ve forgotten the bag for life, God pikey ASDA I miss you so. The check out girl, who I guess has recently won the worlds most ignorant fecker award, doesn’t help with the translation of the pin machine to I press buttons galore and eventually It goes through. Deflated and gagging to just swing the bottle/s of wine I brought on the way ,we go home, stop and give the ducks some crisps as that all we had. We have lunch, LPV sleeps, I watch Twilight and loose my self in the romance. Expatdaddy comes homes, I cry!!

On the upside last night I went out with the Amsterdam Mama’s group, met some fabulous ladies and things seem more positive again. I’m no longer naive in my thinking that this time it will be a piece of p**s. It going to be hard again……


20 thoughts on “Hands up if your crazy

  1. AmsterdaMummy says:

    Oh no, I forgot about that ‘stuff’ of being here for the first time, I still have trouble with stuff and I’ve been here 11years!!!. Albert Shitstein is a law unto itself, watch this vid… http://youtu.be/xlZ9d-g1fA8 – It’ll make you laugh… But seriously, if you need anything, even a translation, let me know, I’ll help absolutely no probs…

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    I’m guessing you don’t have a spar then? Must be hard when you’re having to start again… You could be v extreme and just fly over to the uk first thing in the morning, do your shopping then go home! Hope it gets easier for you!

  3. Average Jo says:

    Aawww, i’m feeling a bit crazy at the moment too and i don’t have the good excuse of having just moved to a new country. Don’t blame you for not feeling quite yourself atm.

    Fab that you’ve been out with a lovely group of ladies over there though (i’ve lived in Salisbury for 15 years now and still only have 2 friends…don’t know what that says about me lol).

    You take care and good luck with future shopping trips, sure it won’t be to long til your familiar with a bit of Dutch 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely Xmas xx

  4. @the_last_slayer says:

    What a nightmare! I hate going round the supermarket at the best of times, let alone this close to Christmas, but at least I can understand what all the labels say. Must remember not to complain about *whispers* Asda in the future!

  5. huntsonthemove says:

    Ah bless. We all have our off days of something that is even our favourite. YOU are most certainly allowed. Especially with everything you have going on.So for the days that there isn’t something on the blog it keeps us wanting more and waiting for the day that there is something. Grocery shopping must certainly be interesting there! And I thought the Arabic stickers in the places you actually needed to read something was bad. Hmm you need to find a phone or get an iPhone with a translation app so you can have instant translation wherever you are and not have to carry around a book. I’m sure you will be settled in no time. But remember how long it took in Dubai and don’t rush to expect too much from yourself. Just stock up on lots and lots of wine!!

  6. mum obrien says:

    Trace it wont belong befor you master the supermarkets and you may even find one on your travels that you like . glad to hear that you have met some nice friends once you move in to your home things will look so much better . In the meantime if you need anything let us know and we will bring it out with us when we come over . love you all missing our little man so much on the mornings . ps ask linda when your in ireland she may be able to translate some things for you (lol) loveyou all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Starting afresh is hard every time. I don’t envy you those first few really hard weeks. Wine, and lots of chocolate or pastries is called for I think! And I’m sure things will get a bit easier when you’re in your own place.

  8. hannah says:

    Oh goodness sounds very stressful at times! I don’t think I could ever leave my comfort zone! It’ll get better, enjoy the wine i say 🙂 Hannah x

  9. Mistress Mummy says:

    *waves hands in the air and does a little dance* If you’re not crazy, what would you do with your day? But hey, if you find those pills send some my way!
    Hope things get better for you sweetie, it’s times like this you need that crazy ipad app that translates things on the camera. Keep your chin up and you can be the hot foreign mummy 😉

  10. Bibsey Mama says:

    Hey Love. Sounds like a crap day to me. It is hard work isn’t it? Finding the places you like and the products on the shelves that you can recognise. It took me ages to get my food shopping shit together here in Spain… sorted. Now I just need to find a place to buy clothes… erm, the internet. Re: feelings about blogging… I have been a bit off it recently. Felt that I wasn’t really writing much about anything and as a result becoming a bit of a meme whore (which is fine if I am also writing my own stuff, but I just didn’t seem to be)… I don’t know how some people keep it up sometimes. Good luck with the new life and keep telling us about it. BM x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      I think it will be back to internet clothes shopping, with regard to the blog, think I am becoming a bit of a meme whore too, like you say isn’t bad but this blog is supposed to be about me & LPV, so think I’ll take a break over christmas , new year new start

  11. mothersalwaysright says:

    Ah I hope it gets easier for you, it’s bound to be hard at first though. And on the blogging / stats / negativity front – I think it’s something lots of people seem to go through at some point in their blogging life (myself included). Stick with it and soon you’ll reach that Zen-like blog state. Or you just won’t give a toss! x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      I feel like I shouldn’t have writen the post but then I promised myself it would be the one place I was honest, the last few days here amstedam have been easier, got a translation app on my iphone hahahaha.

  12. Miriam says:

    “At home watching infomercials…” so funny. Have you seen the bit Jerry Seinfeld does about infomercials? He says something like:
    “Oh, I guess I do need a knife so sharp it could cut through my shoe. I can’t believe I’ve lived so long without it!”

  13. Karien says:

    Oh, poor thing, you just moved to the Netherlands? They are crazy, that’s why I escaped, haha. No, they are not that bad (if you stay away from people with peroxide hair) and most actually do speak english. You should get the BBC as well.
    Ah yes, memories, no bags at supermarkets, haha. Ancient history now. Give me a shout if you need help from a dutchie in the UK, I can translate. (tip: jenever is the local gin)

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