Twas the afternoon before Christmas and all through the house, were smeared nuttela hand prints from the LPV mouse…………………….Ok that’s about as creative as I can get today. As we are spending Christmas in the land of leprechaun’s this year, tomorrow is fake christmas at my parents, tree is up, LPV stocking is hung by the fire-place all presents have been wrapped….and me, well I’m stressing about 23kg weight limit on KLM.

It will be fun, expatdaddy is flying in tonight so snow I would appreciate it if you would just bugger off for this weekend, we’ll have a bit lunch and chew the fat, my sister will threaten to kill anyone one who sits in her chair and we’ll hide dad’s dodgy music so he can’t play the same thing again!!

So merry fake chistmas to all and to all a good..er.. afternoon


  1. mumof4 says:

    Hope he made it back ok. I am a firm believer that if you flirt with check in staff you can sometimes escape a ‘strict’ 23 kg weight limit.

    Happy Christmas!!

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