saturday caption

DOES EVERYBODY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS???? Yeah its Saturday caption day faw shizzle dawg!!!

Ok here’s how’s it going to go, I’m going to post a photo your going to comment, we’re all going to laugh and then head on over to the delectable dinosaur blog Mammasaurus


20 thoughts on “saturday caption

  1. Average Jo says:

    It had been a perilous climb to achieve his lifes ambition of being the 2011 xmas fairy. He had lost an ear and had pine needles stuck in his bits,but when he reached the summit so happy was Mr P that he wore his best smile and hoped he’d be able to spot his missing ear from here !

  2. Average Jo says:

    Or….the family were running low on xmas decorations and fancy tree baubles this year, behind his stuck on smile Mr Potato Head felt he was being somewhat abused.

    Also thought of a shiney new pair of baubles caption too, but think i should stop now lol

  3. Rebecca says:

    Wotcha. Planning a rebellion this week of Sat Cap. Trying to get as many people as possible to post a picture of the great mamasaurus herself with the title Saturday Is Mammasaurus Day. #madcap

    Have a few photos left if you need one. You can still use a normal photo as well.

    Ps she doesn’t know so shhhhhh!

    Viva la revolution!

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