Fun bags

No not those kind sorry!! You dirty little minx

With LPV being such a jet setting wee man of the world he probably been on more planes than buses, In our last few days in Dubai I was contacted by  friend of a friend who makes and sells Flight Fun bags for children. Now I have searched all over Facebook and the google for a Link to put in here but….Nada.

Anywhoo she was very kind to give a bag before we left for LPV to test run on the flight, the bag is awesome it great quality and one you could use over and over. Inside was

  • Plastic toy aeroplane (for Expatdaddy)
  • Colouring book
  • Crayons
  • One large book, one small
  • 2 finger puppets

I think in theory it’s a fab idea but unfortunately it didn’t hold LPV’s attention for too long, I do have to say tho that he really enjoyed the crayons and colouring for a wee while but his best game was lets throw crayons at other passengers. The puppets we also a hit to, EPD does do arather good puppet show.

I’m sure the older the children get the more great they are, the contents are good and would keep an older child happy for ages, however even if LPV had Elmo dipped in chocolate sat next to him, he’d still just want to walk up and down the aisle saying Hiya to all.

If anyone is interested please contact me here at house of expat and I will put you in touch with the lovely Elaine.


4 thoughts on “Fun bags

  1. Average Jo says:

    “but his best game was lets throw crayons at other passengers” made me laugh, you can only get away with that when you’re small and cute, mores the pity lol 🙂

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