Challenge excep-TED

Last night I spent the night with my lovely girlies, we went for a fabby dinner. We braved the brass monkeys weather, Woo post a busy day work, La Bouve post Coldplay (much to someones annoyance), Nik & I breaking away from the responsibilities of motherhood, the children left in the company of their daddy’s (or grandparents), Mammies taking back their time, empowering themselves like our sister suffragette’s of 1903.

BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you girls, I believe I have risen to my challenge and I will look forward to my glass of wine you now owe me! Ok let me explain……………….. It’s amazing how much we’ve changed over the years I remember when dinner consisted of a packet of crisps and pint of cider & black or deep and meaningful drunken chat in Kebab-u-like. Now we’re full on ladies that dine, the conversation last night went from impure thoughts of the member of Mcfly to politics in 0-60 secs. Ok I didn’t say it was good conversation thou, did I??

Nik with her word of the day toilet paper, she’s on letter S the word self-sufficient came up several times, her being teased about it, me talking about my writers block. That’s when the challenge was set and in the words of Barney Stinson challenge except-ted!!! My challenge was to incorporate the word suffragette somewhere into my blog.!!!

challenge excep-TED

Now I’m thinking of maybe turning it into a meme so what this space!! So if you had a word of the day today what would it be???? Mine would be……..Precarious = dangerously lacking in security or stability as we are homeless at the moment if believe it quite fitting


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