Ugly buggers

Ha, got your attention that one!!

So the first week in Brissle, both LPV and I desperately miss EPD but we’ve had a lovely week As coming home to visit usually goes past in a large blur of rushing around like headless chickens I decided this time is was not going to happen. It has been so nice just focusing on my family and LPV is having a blast with his cousins.

I am still trying to get LPV out and about and we have been busy little bee’s.

  • Firstly we have to get LPV some sensible shoes for the european weather so off we went to the very well know children’s shoe shop. Feet measured check, shoes picked out: check, shoes tried on: check…..LPV attempting  to peg it out the shop: check. Yes he’s followed in his Mammy’s footsteps and inherited the road runner gene, MEEP MEEP!! I caught him before he too far but not without knock over a shelf of slippers.


  • A fabby trip to UGLYBUGS softplay, dragging expat granddad along too, I couldn’t believe the changes in him he was Evil Knievel on the climbing equipment. It truly was a great place and not matter where you are in the place you can see them. It’s the name that I have a problem with tho, I have an overwhelming urge to keep calling it UGLY BUGGERS, which lets face it would be a pretty inappropriate and terrible name for a childs play center. For the record the ugly buggers is no reflection on anyone who was in there, maybe I’m developing tourettes??
  • A yoga class which should have been advertised as a OAP yoga class,  walked in ushered to the only mat left at the front, cringe I may have just been there in my underwear I was that embarrassed. Only to be shown up again when I discovered the OAP’s were way more bendy than me!!

So as I type and watch I’m a celebrity at the same time, the first week without daddy draws to an end, what well next week bring??? Umm probably another OAP yoga class

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