Mix tape Monday

So the spectacular meme from boo & me is back again this week. A fabulous theme this week, a song from the best gig you’ve ever been too. I have to say before LPV arrived EPD and I went to lots of gigs, Dubai seemed to draw in great acts, 2 of the best Coldplay & Rod Stewart (don’t judge he’s a legend) I simply can’t choose so here are my 2 choices.

This night was so amazing, it rained in April which was so unusual

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the live track from Dubai, again an amazing night heavily pregnant sporting rather swollen hobbit feet I was determined to stay til the end!!

7 thoughts on “Mix tape Monday

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    I have never seen Coldplay live but Papasaurus says seeing them at Glasto was one of the best gigs he’s ever been too…Rod Stewart looks too much like Shirley from Eastenders for my liking !

  2. butwhymummywhy says:

    LOVE Coldplay! I recently blogged about Fix You and how important a song it is to ButWhyDaddyWhy? and I. We saw them when they toured the x and y album and they filmed the video for Fix You the night we were there. Fantastic memories.

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