Travel trauma

Ok so I’m sat here watching dude sing with the muppets on the X factor, I don’t know who he is but all I know is that this something I did not miss in Dubai, I honestly believe that the X factor has seriously out stayed its welcome.

On the other hand whilst shopping today I realised how cheated I had been in Dubai, cheated out of bargain toys in Tesco cheated out of variety of baby snacks etc Today I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Being back home is lovely seeing LPV with his grandparents, Aunty and uncle & cousins is so fab. After a stressful time travelling is was so nice to be back with the familia, I really don’t understand airlines sometime their rules are complete nonsense. We booked a seat for LPV and me so we both had baggage allowance, a bag each and a carry on…simple right?? No apparently no, my bag was fine LPV’s was slightly over, you have to remove somethings or pay 50 euro. We muddle around in the bag take out a few books and transfer them to the carry on which is still going on the plane!!!! WTF it’s still the same weight that I’m carrying so what difference does it make whether it’s in a case or carry on. At the gate, I have a toddler, stroller and carry on case. Sorry madam you can’t the stroller on to the bus, you have to collapse it. I collapse it, ok you can take it on now……ok shall I shove something up my arse and drag it??? Oh I’m not allowed to help you. In the end she did, I ask you what difference does it make my stroller is still taking up the room. I beg of you airlines please spare thought for mothers/fathers who are travelling alone with infants you make life more harder & stressful. To top it off I couldn’t have a big old drink when I got home.

You see expatdaddy and I have set a challenge, we are away from each for 3 weeks, in those 3 weeks the person who looses the most weight gets an extra christmas present!!So this means I detoxing from the alcohol and chocolate. So it is on…. I’ve even joined the gym on a 12 day special…hard core mamma!!


3 thoughts on “Travel trauma

  1. huntsonthemove says:

    Wishing you all the best. I know you can do it!! Keep us updated and use your blog as a support group to keep you on the straight and narrow. Have you got some suggestions ready for Expat Daddy on what your extra Christmas present could be? Keep that in mind and you will win for sure!

  2. Average Jo says:

    Hi, only recently discovered your blog, but had subscribed and been reading your posts on my phone. Had a hectic time of late so not had as much time online as normal. Have finally got 5 mins today though so added your blog to my roll 🙂
    Oh and thank you for stopping by my blog too.
    Best of luck with the weight loss, i’m always batteling with my waist line, at the moment it’s winning but i’m hoping to change that after Xmas, love yours and your husbands idea 🙂

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