NO I don’t want a frickin weathervane

Hey I’m back!!! Sorry for the lack of posts here from Amsterdam but we’ve had some technical difficulties, sorted! When I finally managed to login into my blog world I went straight to my stats and comments, ok I do blog for myself but it’s nice to know people are still reading. I had a couple of comments but did NOT expect the 500+ spam comments on f**king weathervanes, not only have they been sending just random weathervane comments but they’ve also sent specific ones, do I want a witch shape or a plane. No stop clogging up my inbox you gobshite!!

Anyhoo we’ve had a fabulous week here in Amsterdam, we had a busy time house hunting so we didn’t get to see much but there will be plenty of time for that. We have found a beautiful house so all being well it will be ours soon enough, the furniture it somewhat creepy but luckily that will be gone!! Everyone here is so friendly, people say hello in the street and stop to play with LPV. Today we even had our first playdate, it was fabulous, I feel like I’ve known them for years, thank you D family!!

However we had one bad experience, not with anyone dutch but with a hairy biker American tourist. It was thanksgiving and we had booked a table at the hotel restaurant for 6pm. It was the only time left and we know from experience that we have a “window” of opportunity to eat in peace, so to speak. The place was empty when we got there, I promptly got LPV his turkey dinner and sat back down, (a table near us had a group of hairy men sat at it). LPV’s teething at the moment and is going through one of those “I’m not eating that crap” phases. He’s had more fresh air in this one week than he’s had in his whole lifetime so he was tired and a wee bit cranky but mostly well-behaved. We had a moment and he was told off………….. then came the tears. I have to say that prior to this hairy bastard biker and his gang were all playing and waving to LPV. The next thing I knew hairy bastard biker swung his chair around “your going to have to take “that” outside, shut “it” up or put something in “its” mouth!! 

Absolutely stunned by this I just sat there, then it came…………. the mist. EPD took LPV out of his high chair, Me: Don’t you dare take him out of this restaurant a very sheepish and scared looking EPD  replied I wont. I tried to speak to the manager about it and she was about as much help as an ashtray on a motorbike. We decided to leave, at this point I knew I couldn’t take this lying down so I walked over to hairy bastard  biker and told him he was very bad man and needed to learn some manners. They were words to that effect, the air was blue, I didn’t know I knew so many swear words. His reply: you need to learn how to shut that effing kid up .

A woman who was dinning with the group had the nerve to call me arogant……oh ok love, if you ever read this your very lucky I am a lady as I would have shoved the turkey somewhere. As for you, hairy bastard  biker you are the most repulsive excuse for a human being ever, and you should never have been issued with a passport, the world doesn’t need people like you exploring it. I understand that you never had the opportunity to re-produce, as how could anybody possibly want to have sex with you and for this I pity you. On a day where families get to together and thank god for what they have, you had to ruin someone else’s day to makes theirs just as depressing  & sad as your life is everyday. My child may annoy you, you may think I’m a terrible mother but I will grow old happy in a house full of love and you’ll only have the company of your blow up doll. And that’s all I have to say on the matter!

On the upside as we walked out and forgot to pay, the hotel manager came to our room to see if we were ok (I personally think it was to get the signature for the meal but hey ho she brought wine!!) She could see I’d been crying… then came the cake….. then came the bath salts!! AWESOME!!!


5 thoughts on “NO I don’t want a frickin weathervane

  1. Red Rose Mummy says:

    What a complete wanker and I don’t even swear! Hope you’re OK. You don’t; deserve this treatment. I’m sure LPV had a wonderful time despite the horrible men and remember, he won’t remember the pathetic excuse for humanity even though you will! You are exactly right when you talk about the house you will grow old in. LPV will remember these happy times and not this idiot We are having Thanksgiving this weekend. We have no US connection whatsoever but I like the idea of it so we’re having turkey 🙂 Looking forward to you getting settled and posting from just as cold a place as me 😉 Take care xxx

  2. Joyce Featherstone says:

    I would like to apologise for bikers everywhere for the behaviour of this particular biker, most bikers I know are now grandparents like myself and would never treat you this way, in fact they would have told him to shut the f*** up! Please don’t judge all bikers by this one.
    Trike Riding Grandma

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