Awards galore

It’s so nice to feel loved & appreciated, especially when you don’t feel onto of your game!! The impending international stressout has taken up so much time so I feel that I have neglected expatworld completely. So imagine so shocked I was when I was given an award by not one but two of my fellow amazing mammy bloggers.

So absolutely ginormous thank you’s covered in chocolate & yummy stuff to the lovely Mum of one & Bluebird sunshine. They write the most fantastic posts so get yer booty on over to their blogging digs!!

So here it is………………………..fanfare


So there are rules to this award I have to tell you 7 secrets about myself…………..

  1. I have a phobia about tasting pasta & rice to see if it’s cooked, I just have to say I have not problem eating it when it’s on my plate.
  2. I once asked my dad if I could have an extra gear put into my car
  3. I could still talk you through the whole Goonies film!
  4. I once embarrassed myself in front of a “backstreet boy”
  5. I went to see Titanic 11 times
  6. I watch imagination movers when LPV has gone to bed
  7. I get claustrophobic in the bath

So there you go… crazy in a nutshell, so now I have to nominate 15 other blogs that catch my eye and I love to read

  1. bothabunch
  2. lexywoo
  3. rillyroos
  4. pinkoddy
  5. mostlyyummymummy
  6. londonmum
  7. Amsterdamummy
  8. general happenings
  9. butwhymummy

Ok now I know there is only 9 but it’s half 10 at night I we’ve been moving all day, this doesn’t mean I don’t love you all!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Awards galore

  1. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Thanks for accepting the award despite moving countries! I’m amazed you watched Titanic 11 times! I am still wiping away tears now at the thought of the ending and I only saw it once many years ago. I nearly dehydrated I cried so much.

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