Where do you do it????

Yippeee, I am loved, I am wanted…that’s right I’ve been tagged again!!! Bibsey mama has tagged me into her meme, her blog is hot people so check her out.

So where do I do it??? Compared to some I would have to say I am a saint, I have a room to do it in…………………my blogplatz is our office, unless EPD has taken over then I use my notebook and well… then I can do it anywhere!!

As you tell from the photo my blogplatz is not a sacred, clean, spotless haven where one can be inspired to produce works of art that would giveYeats & Wilde a run for their money. My blogplatz is more on parr with those well-known successful novelists such as Katie Price & Miss “king prawn ring” herself kerry Katona. We have Babog the Irish-speaking bear supervising the writing, rubber duckie supervising webcam chats and EPD practicing his putting.

This is where the magic happens


Just to prove I do read your blog

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