Enough is enough

I have decided that we’re longer going to take part in NaBloPoMo, LPV is poorly sick and can’t type, he’s needs a lot of cuddles & cbeebies couch days and as his Mammy I am obviously preferring to cuddle my wee man than bust my arse to get blog posts out everyday. I actually thought it was completely insane of me (as did *EPD) to even take on such task whilst in the midst of packing up our Arabian life and swapping it for a dutch one. I love my blog and writing so much but If kept trying to write everyday, I feel it would turn into a mundane task such as washing and ironing.  It wouldn’t be somewhere I can completely relax, be me, say what I really feel without caring what anyone thinks about me.

The fact of the matter is now I get want to get out of here, most of our clothes are vacuum packed up (I’ve gotten a little carried away) I feel like old mother Hubbard every time I open my kitchen cupboards, although we do have slightly more than just a bare cupboard but mainly the choices are beans, soup or out of date chick peas, Yum!! I love Dubai but it’s beginning to grate on me now, take today for example whilst out in the car, I spotted a couple in their car, with a newborn baby in the front seat, just being held. The anger inside me was unbelievable, I’m tired of hearing excuses about  this “oh it’s a language barrier/cultural barrier/religious thing” it’s NOT, you are stupid selfish poor excuses for human beings as far as I’m concerned, if you can afford a decent car you can afford a car seat!!!!

I know children get sick, it helps build up immunity blah blah blah but this air-conditioned environment is full of nasties I am sure that’s not helping. Give me a few months and I’ll be complaining of the cold. Don’t mind me I’m just feeling sorry for myself and my wee man, I cried like a baby when I had to give him a paracetamol suppository today, soppy Moo!!

Anyhoo, this post was only supposed to be a few lines

Nigh all



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