Your a mother when……..

So today we had a party to go, I was sporting a rather fancy maxi dress, LPV in his finest, we were just getting ready to go when he throws a MAJOR strop so I decide he should have a wee sleep first, it’s probably a good thing as I thought the party started at 2pm and it was actually 3pm, so we would have been rather early. However LPV decided that a mammoth sleep was in order (I would too if I kept waking in the night and then wanted to play at 4:30am, oh No wait I was up too……) So instead of being early we arrived over fashionably late, on top of LPV’s sleep we got completely lost as the man who decided the roads in Dubai obviously has a phobia about being able to turn left!!!!! I despise being late but unfortunately I think it comes part and parcel of being a Mammy now!! So I got to thinking about what else changes in your life that lets you know you’re a Mammy.

You know you’re a Mammy when………….

  • You say things like “ah you’ll grow into them”
  • You buy tinted moisturizer to save you “getting ready” time
  • You live in absolute mess but it’s Ok
  • You have marmalade all over your bed and your darn sure YOU didn’t put it there
  • You’re in and out the shower in seconds only to realise that you’ve left the conditioner in your hair
  • You put an “ies” on everything you say, Drinkies, duckies, birdies, fishies…..and worse than this you do it to adults too
  • You No longer know who’s in the Top ten charts but you can sing 5 little monkey’s flawlessly and could probably do it backwards too
  • Boogie beebies is your cardio excercise for the day
  • You talk to yourself in public and when someone stares at you pretend you aimed the question at the baby
  •  Your fridge has gone from being stocked with beer to being full of Cheese strings, dairylea, yoghurt, sippy cups and fruits like papaya that you would never in a million years eat yourself (cos it smells like feet) but you attempt to give it to the baby (they hate it too)



6 thoughts on “Your a mother when……..

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    We have lots of duckies too and my dad regularly laughs at me for feeding baby do much butternut squash when i never eat it myself! I can also sing you the whole of “meet the veggies” from Mr Bloom!

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