This week I promise

The lovely Mum of one has a weekly meme of “This week baby I promise” so I’ve decided to partake so…………..

This week baby I promise

       To take to you to the park everyday so we can play on the swings and you can cry when I put you on the grass because you don’t like the feel of it.

         (although you really need to get used to it)

       I promise not to dress you up in anymore costumes that are made for a child that lives in the arctic

Wee toesies on the grass


4 thoughts on “This week I promise

  1. Mariposagirl says:

    park time is the best no?

    and my son HATED the grass when he was a baby.

    he got over it, no worries!

    Happy Halloween

  2. tucomom says:

    Such a sweet picture! It’s so interesting when babies detest nice things like grass. Our baby seems to hate parties. Glad the little ones can work those phobias out as they get more used to them.

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