Boy or Girl?????????

We had a great afternoon at our first “Gender reveal” party, our good friends Sarah and Benn found out the sex of their baby amongst family & friends, LPV enjoyed the cake but most of all the chocolate covered marshmallows……………………… You know what, I’ll let Sarah tell you herself, then pop on over to her blog to take a look at the maestro at work, she’s amazing with a camera….

Sarah explains in her own words……

A few weeks ago I came across a blog post by a photographer in America and fell in love with the idea of having a gender reveal party! My Doctor had said that at 15 weeks she would be able to tell us if our little one will be a Boy or a Girl!! I was so excited as this was 5 weeks earlier than we found out with Jack! (I am useless at waiting and needed a colour to go by so had to find out!!)

Benn started a new job a few months ago and working in Al Ain its quite hard for him to come to doctors appointments without missing to much at work.  This was the perfect opportunity for us to share this exciting news together instead of over the phone. Not only did we get to share it with one another, we had some of our family and friends there to find out with us!!

I’ve had a feeling since a few weeks after we found out that It was a Boy! BUT was my feeling correct????

On Tuesday I had my scan and our Doctor said she was 99.8% sure so we had the all clear to go ahead with the party! I must admit it was sooo hard to know that one of my friends knew what I was having but I didn’t!! How crazy is that!! Our Doctor wrote it down on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope and my mum and I headed for the Physiotherapy department (Where she works) and asked one of her colleagues to open it, and phone one of my friends, who would then bake our cake with either pink or blue filling inside!!! Both Monica and Zarine were sworn to secrecy (no matter how many times I – or anyone – asked!!!)Since Tuesdays scan I still had the feeling of it being a Boy but every single night dreamt about cutting through the cake and being pink, I was then back to square one and really wasn’t sure anymore!!! More waiting! More wondering! Hurry up Saturday!!!

Finally Saturday morning came!! Up early to get things ready. More by Jacks choice in wake up time not my own! First the cake arrived!! I checked every angle and there was absolutely no evidence left on there as to what colour was inside!!! Monica gave nothing away!! Very good poker face I must say!


Will BabyC be a He or a She???

A bit of fun with Name suggestions…

A Photobooth set up to see what everyone else thought….

Drum roll………..

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!

Soon to be Big brother!

Thanks to everyone for coming!! It was great fun to find out with all of you there!


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