Music as therapy

The lovely Mammywoo has come with a fabby meme called Music as therapy, it’s all about how music helps, how it’s good for the soul. I have to say I used to sing all the time and now not so much unless it’s the “wheels on the bus” Mammyoo has an amazing, inspiring blog that is hilarious, she was very kind to tag me in (it’s my very first tag I’m so proud) so after your finished here head over and show her some love.

Music can really help….. so the rules are to choose 3 songs by 3 different artist that have impacted you. There are loads out there for me but I’ve decided to choose the 3 that I feel best describe the last 16 months for me as they’ve been the hardest of my life.

So here we go

I just love this song, it means so much for to me now, expatdaddy and I went to see them in Abu Dhabi it was the last gig we went to without a little V/LPV

This reminds me of all my yummy mammies, we’re all stronger than we give ourselves credit for!!

The mighty TT, If I could rub Robbie out if this video I would, he’s a twat

Now for the most importany person on this blog, here is LPV’s tops 3

Ah the old classic

Ah you have to love Timmy, now where’s the mint sauce

I have to say I don’t let watch the barely dressed chicks he just likes the song on my ipod

Oh I forgot to tag other in earlier so here goes people give it a go, in your own time

Ruby slippers





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