Time flying by

Babies develop so fast don’t they? I kind of always  knew they did but things change so quickly, take this week for example LPV has gone from taking 10 steps to walking practically the whole length of our apartment, he still however chooses to crawl around thou, I really think he likes getting dirty!!

My big wee man has also discovered what a straw is for, he did learn from sucking up some smoothie in Caribou coffee-house, well when I say some I think he stole most of his daddy’s drink. At least it wasn’t double espresso I suppose!

We had a lovely but fairly quiet day yesterday………….probably as LPV’s parents were a little worse for wear, we went to the mall, me & granny Quack Quack did a little Christmas shopping while the boys played in magic planet. I feel a little less stressed now I have bought a couple of christmas presents..At the moment my mind is totally on the move to Amsterdam but the festive season will be here in a flash and I won’t be prepared, AGAIN!!!! As the Quack Quacks are leaving tomorrow we took them to Jumeriah beach hotel and had a lovely dinner on the beach. We were joined by the lovely Wanjigi’s and the evening was fun. LPV and Maggie are so cute together, they fight like brother & sister sometimes but most of the Maggie showers LPV with love and LPV being the typical boy, Maggie’s gestures are met with the wipe of the face etc However they did enjoy a moonlit walk along the promenade last night

Young Love

 Watching this made me feel so sad that we are leaving, I think this weekend is the first time I’ve really felt sad about going, we spent a great evening with friends on thursday & friday night, watching these two whilst walking along with my Dubai bestie, crushed me, it’s time to go tho and that’s what I need to focus on


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